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Thank you for your interest in becoming a National Institute of Justice consultant!
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Consultants reviewing grant proposals are expected to travel to Washington, D.C., to participate in a panel discussion on an agreed-upon date, unless the review will be conducted through a conference call. NIJ pays all travel and lodging expenses. Panelists usually arrive in Washington the night before the meeting and most fly home the day the meeting ends. Once you accept a panel assignment, you will receive the proposals at least two (2) to three (3) weekends prior to the panel. You must provide a narrative review for each assigned proposal, using the evaluation criteria outlined in the solicitation. It is important for reviewers to offer constructive criticism and, if appropriate, useful recommendations for change and improvement. Through thoughtful, detailed narrative reviews, you will provide NIJ with an invaluable tool for making funding decisions. At the conclusion of the panel meeting, you may be asked to prepare an anonymous consensus review on a few applications.

Consultants reviewing final products and reports do not travel to Washington, D.C. All necessary materials are forwarded to each reviewer, who then prepares an anonymous, detailed narrative review of the report that conforms to NIJ requirements. These reviews not only provide authors with valuable input but also help NIJ make publication decisions. In most cases, reviewers are given two (2) weeks to complete their review and return the materials.

Please read the following before preparing your application.

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To qualify for selection as an NIJ consultant, you must be a researcher (e.g., university professor), practitioner (e.g., analyst or chief of police), or both in the field of criminal justice. You must have some working experience.

On the Consultant Information Form, you will be asked to identify which consultant type you are. You also will be asked to designate

Decorative bullet  Subject Matter Expertise Areas—
up to nine (but at least one) area, ranging from Adjudication and Sentencing to DNA Forensics. You may also indicate whether this expertise is supported by work experience, training, publications, or presentations.

Decorative bullet  Research Methodology Areas—
up to seven research methodology areas (econometrics, ethnography, etc.), if these apply.
We recommend that you review the expertise areas before filling out the form. (You may find this easier to do if you print the list. Use the Print option in the File menu.)

Areas of subject matter expertise should be supported by your resume or curriculum vitae and be based on work you've completed. Upload your resume as soon as you complete the form or e-mail your resume to

Note: Your application cannot be processed without (1) at least one subject matter expertise area, (2) a consultant type designation, (3) your e-mail address, and (4) the NIJ office to review your application form. Your resume also must be included.

We must receive your resume within 30 days. The file name must be in this format: LastNameFirstNameMiddleInitial (DoeJohnB.doc).

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Your application and qualifications will be reviewed to determine your suitability as an NIJ consultant. Thus when completing the Consultant Information Form, you must select the NIJ office most appropriate for reviewing your application. Below is a description of each office.

The Office of Research and Evaluation (ORE) focuses on the following areas: crime control and prevention, including policing; drugs and crime; justice systems and offender behavior, including corrections; violence and victimization; communications and information technologies; critical incident response; less-than-lethal technologies; officer protection; education and training technologies; and international crime control.

The Office of Science and Technology (OST) manages technology research and development, development of technical standards, testing, forensic sciences including DNA, capacity-building programs, and technology assistance to State and local law enforcement and corrections agencies.

You will be notified of NIJ's decision in approximately six (6) weeks.

You may register online or download the Consultant Information Form and mail it in. To have a copy of the application form mailed to you, send your request to

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Information included in your submission will become part of a system of records, as defined in the Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C. Section 55a, and may be subject to the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. Section 552, as well as any exemptions or exclusions thereunder.

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